Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's New

 I have hit a snag in my gardening. I wanted to plant all the seeds I had to use them up so what I did is I soaked them all in baby-food jars I had saved. The thing is I had no room in the house for 30+ jars. I had to sit them outside. I also could not cover them with the accompanying lids as it would deny the seeds the necessary air they needed (lesson learned, next time I will use cheese cloth as a cover). Leaving them uncovered drew flies. I had asked my boyfriend for help to the point that he took all the seeds and dumped them in the ground. Well needles to say that method did not work very well as at this point we only have three surviving types of plants; banana peppers, cucumbers and eggplants.
 I would post pictures but both my cameras went kaput. So while I wait for produce and the money to buy more seeds I am going to be looking into the types of farm animals and their  benefits along with other farming skills and plant recognition.
 We have been having alot of rain lately so our vines have covered the yard again. I will be unraveling them and using them in basket weaving. I also have a load of yarn I will be cleaning and using along with making candles. Well that is all for now ciao and happy reading.

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