Friday, April 12, 2013

Be Positive...

 Well I guess this is what I get for bragging. For the last year and a half I have been telling my family that I could live without technology and it seems that belief has been put to the test now more then over the last year. I have been using my phone to get online and do research when my little one prevented me from sitting at my computer. This past week my boyfriend broke his phone so he took mine. Now whenever he is home it is in his hands whether he is using it or not. I have been able to adapt so far. As far as living without technology. I still believe I could do without and be fine but then I would need to have a mailing list of people who were interested in knowing what I am doing to send my newsletter to.
 You may ask how can one live without electricity to heat/cool inside which is answered easily by solar/wind power. The house could also be built with materials in a way that could use the weather to benefit heating and cooling to the point where no heating/cooling unit is needed. Make sure to have a basement that can be sectioned off where part of it can be used as a root cellar/refrigerator so you cut down even more on the use of power hungry electric items. These are the things and more I would love to teach people through this blog.
 But enough of my ramblings for now. I have some gardening projects to tend to that I will hopefully be posting soon. For now, ciao  and happy reading.

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