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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So Many Things So Little Time

I have not just been working on my own gardening and experimenting what to plant with what. I have been reading and learning lots of things. I have decided to take my Day X project further in buying land. I have always wanted a piece of land to call my own as it was also a dream of my mothers so I have set up a fundraiser here and a google+ page here I have decided to call this project Farm The World, Build The Farm. I can not go into detail in this post as I am still working on some of the details. None the less I have already designed the floor plan and the area surrounding the house. I will post the image if anyone is interested. I am working on a surprise post and that will be available soon. I know I have been erratic in my postings and I just wanted to take the chance while I had it to let everyone know what is going on. If I do not have something posted here just follow me on g+, Facebook or even twitter. Well that is it for now I have to go work on that surprise post. Ciao and happy reading.

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