Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day X 3.1

I know it has been a few days since my last post and I wont make excuses. I am taking this time I have to update what has been going on. We have a good portion of the yard cut down but it still needs trimming as the machete work looks kinda like a butcher job.
Yes, this is the pit area. There is so much plant life it is hard to make sense of it all the way it was so overgrown. Right now we are just cleaning up the clean up we have done so far. The downed branches and dead vines needed a few days to dry a bit and tonight we will burn the stuff we have cut to fit the pit so we can reshape the pit. It is to wide for our grill... we had to jury rig it in order to use it. I will be taking more pictures and will continue to look for a decent video editing program that will give me file options so I can post it all here. I doe have a couple of videos I did two years ago I will attempt to toss in here as well. Till later, as the supervisor calls, happy reading and ciao.

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