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Monday, April 9, 2012

I Did Something...

I did something last night I swore I would never do. I am so serious about Day X and everything it stands for I have been looking into ways in which to get the word out, I went and joined Twitter. It is way different then any social network I am using but I have been reading books (one of my favorite past times) about working from home and marketing.  The ones I have read so far say Social Media Marketing is the way to go these days. In the interest to all that is natural I will be using SMM more often. I just wanted to take the time I have while the supervisor naps to keep my readers up to date.
 As far as last nights bonn fire, alot of yard waste was burned and the pit level has risen but there is still a long way to go before the pit is filled and everything is burned. I will be burning more tonight, then if all goes well we will be hacking and slashing and mowing our way to a more useful plot of land . As far as my plans with the pit, I am going to completely fill it in and let plant life take over so that there is a root system in place to keep the walls from collapsing again. This may need to be done on a regular basis but how often is yet to be seen. I will figure that out as it comes. Till later happy reading and ciao.

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