Friday, April 20, 2012

Day X 3.2

 I tried to do this post two days ago from my phone as my pc went down due to viruses and it didn't work. If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. :) I finally got it up and running again. I am still working on Day X and will be posting more pictures tomorrow. But for now a quick update as to what I have been doing while my pc was down.
 I had cut down a blade of bamboo because it grew to long and broke. I took some small pieces from it and decided to see if I could not grow more. I left some sitting in plain old water and I dipped some in root starter and stuck it in the dirt.  While I waited to see what happened I decided to watch some videos from my phone on bamboo propagation. Turns out that bamboo takes a year to get roots unless you take roots from bamboo already growing to grow more. I would like to know what it is that is growing on my cuttings if it is not roots.
I have started shaving another vine covered tree and have plenty of vines to play with making into baskets. I am also working on building a loose compost pile since one of my neighbors called the fire department on me. I have cleaned up a great majority of visible garbage and move all the cinder blocks and bricks to the southeast part of the property. Well till later happy reading and ciao.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I Did Something...

I did something last night I swore I would never do. I am so serious about Day X and everything it stands for I have been looking into ways in which to get the word out, I went and joined Twitter. It is way different then any social network I am using but I have been reading books (one of my favorite past times) about working from home and marketing.  The ones I have read so far say Social Media Marketing is the way to go these days. In the interest to all that is natural I will be using SMM more often. I just wanted to take the time I have while the supervisor naps to keep my readers up to date.
 As far as last nights bonn fire, alot of yard waste was burned and the pit level has risen but there is still a long way to go before the pit is filled and everything is burned. I will be burning more tonight, then if all goes well we will be hacking and slashing and mowing our way to a more useful plot of land . As far as my plans with the pit, I am going to completely fill it in and let plant life take over so that there is a root system in place to keep the walls from collapsing again. This may need to be done on a regular basis but how often is yet to be seen. I will figure that out as it comes. Till later happy reading and ciao.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day X 3.1

I know it has been a few days since my last post and I wont make excuses. I am taking this time I have to update what has been going on. We have a good portion of the yard cut down but it still needs trimming as the machete work looks kinda like a butcher job.
Yes, this is the pit area. There is so much plant life it is hard to make sense of it all the way it was so overgrown. Right now we are just cleaning up the clean up we have done so far. The downed branches and dead vines needed a few days to dry a bit and tonight we will burn the stuff we have cut to fit the pit so we can reshape the pit. It is to wide for our grill... we had to jury rig it in order to use it. I will be taking more pictures and will continue to look for a decent video editing program that will give me file options so I can post it all here. I doe have a couple of videos I did two years ago I will attempt to toss in here as well. Till later, as the supervisor calls, happy reading and ciao.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Going On...?

Sometimes things get just a little too busy around here and things are left undone. Sometimes we feel overworked and just need to step back and re-evaluate how things are going or how something should be done differently then what we first decided. Well it has been one of those moments these past few days. 
We have manual powered tools and were looking for some electric tools to get things done a little faster. Only thing we came across on Sunday was a dealer with sewing items. I am going back this weekend to see if I cannot find a foot to fit my sewing machine so that I can finally use it. I did buy a couple project patterns to work on after dark when all daylight hours work is done. 
Monday and Tuesday I was feeling under the weather and enjoying the downtime to pre-occupy my cranky teether. Now it is time to get some more work done. What is coming now, before we can cut back anymore vegetation is the garbage pickup of the bottles, cans, bricks, rocks, toys and whatever else was left from previous tenants.
I will be posting more pictures as they come. I am also looking for a better video editor, one that will give me more options and capabilities then Windows movie Maker. Till later happy reading and ciao.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Any Thing That Can Go Wrong...

Like I said my pictures did not hit my phone until around 6 am Saturday. I got on the computer to make a quick slideshow comparison of the days worked and the amount of work accomplished. Low and behold my video editing software gives me only one extension to save the film in (wlmp), which does not seem to be read by most services. I gave up on that because my help arrived between 10 am and 11 am so we went straight into yard clean up mode. I couldn't find my work gloves so I went at it bare handed. The supervisor started getting cranky again due to teething so every five minutes I was trying to console him. After about an hour and a half it started raining so indoors we headed. I was not about to sit around unmotivated so I started cleaning up inside. Only thing is I moved things around that never got put back. All this in a days work had me depressed and exhausted. I just could not bring myself to the computer to post last night so I figured I would sleep on it and hopefully feel better in the morning. Well needles to say I am feeling better. It would just be nice if I had a mattress to sleep on that did not leave more sore most mornings. Well I am headed to get myself a nice large Racetrac cappuccino and see what tools I can find at the local flea market. Til later happy reading and ciao.

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